In ancient China, wars left millions dead and the leaders in search of a new way of governing. In the Art of War, Sun Tzu recommended a strategic method to win that rarely required actual war. Spies, diplomats, deception, and a well organised internal structure were his main tools. If it came to war though, he had detailed insight into its methods and strategies.

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Art of War Software

Musashi Wallpaper

Musashi advocated destroying your opponents' confidence and clear state of mind.  In 5 Rings, he said: "In battle, if you make your opponent flinch, you have already won."  Here is a wallpaper with that quote plus Musashi's self portrait, with a Japanese temple wall background.



Musashi's Rules of Learning Strategy

In the Earth Book, Musashi explains the basis for his teachings; how to read them; how to understand them; how to practice them.  Here are his nine rules for learning his style of strategy.

 The characters read "Musashi Miyamoto's Book of Five Rings."
The translation is my own, but it's pretty close to the standard ones.
The wall is from a modern Japanese Garden down the road from my house.
The picture is a self portrait of the man himself.

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Musashi Screensaver

Some quotes from the great book, with images of Musashi's home region and a castle he stayed in.  



Download Sun Tzu Art of War Wallpaper

The Sixth chapter of the Art of War says: "When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil.   When full, starve them.   When settled, make them move."  Here is a wallpaper with that quote in English and the original Chinese plus a lucky Chinese wall dragon in the background.


Download Sun Tzu Art of War Wallpaper 2 - The Sequel

"In conflict, straightforward actions generally lead to engagement, surprising actions generally lead to victory."   Sun Tzu certainly valued deception, surprise, feints and illusion.

Download Art of War Wallpaper 3 - Famous Quotes

Remember this?

The fundamental principle of the Art of War is deception.
When capable, appear incompetent.
When active, appear inactive.
When near, appear to be distant.
When distant, appear to be near.

Use bait to lure them.
Use confusion to take them.

This section from Chapter 1 - Formulating Plans was used in the film "Greed" and the film "Art of War".  I've done my own translation for this wallpaper, so please don't quote it in any publications without permission (OK to use in private communication though).

The image is a sunrise silhouette at the Great Wall in Winter.  The original text appears in the top right.



Sun Tzu, Art of War Screensaver

Some quotes from the great book, with images of China's great castles and Great Wall.  THe main wall in the background, by the way, is from the Shaolin Temple in Henan.