In ancient China, wars left millions dead and the leaders in search of a new way of governing. In the Art of War, Sun Tzu recommended a strategic method to win that rarely required actual war. Spies, diplomats, deception, and a well organised internal structure were his main tools. If it came to war though, he had detailed insight into its methods and strategies.

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Translators like to add their own touch to their translations, including the title.  The Art of Strategy and the Art of Warfare are both the "Art of War."


The Art of War

A really good translation with some Chinese characters for good measure.  The translator is a bit of a legend in the Chinese classic novel research community and it shows.    32% off at $18



The Art of Strategy

A quite good translation with notes and background.  This one is great for people who have or are developing Chinese language skills, due its excellent footnotes and layout of Chinese text.  The layout is so visually pleasing it is still my first reference out of my many "Arts of War".  Also leaves plenty of room to write your own notes, a practice I recommend for any book you are studying seriously. 30% off at $12




The Art of War Audio Cassette: As featured on the Sopranos

Did you see one of the Art of War episodes?  One time Paulie and Chris argue over how to pronounce Sun Tzu and they are both wrong.  Another time Paulie is listening to this tape in his car.  He hears the bit about "know when to fight and when not to fight", then gets out of the car and the hits some contractors with a shovel.  If you like the Sopranos, this might be the format for you.  If not, some good translations follow. 30% off at $13



Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa

This is a classic Japanese novel, loosely based on the life of Musashi.  It's been selling well for over 100 years now.  A lot of fun to read.  30% off at $24




A Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi

Here it is.  A great translation.  Lots of pictures and background.  None of the boring scholasticism.  Hardcover version looks great on the bookshelf too.  Really, really cheap at $10.  If you only buy two books this year, buy this one, twice.




Gateway to the Chinese Classics

You'll never understand what Sun Tzu or Confucius are saying even if you can read modern Chinese OK.  It's like reading Shakespearean English except much harder.  If you can read Chinese on an intermediate level, this is the book that will have you reading the classics in no time.  Lots of examples and exercises.  $17



Sun Tzu was a Sissy

A new humorous take on the Art of War based on the idea that naked aggression is the best way ahead for business success.  Not very convincing, but then, it's not meant to be.  It is just plain funny.